Why Choose Us?

Some people equate quality with spending large sums of money. At Higginbothams, we don't share that view. We believe that quality equals the best product manufactured in the highest standard for the best price. Our extensive range of fitted and free standing furniture is produced by some of the finest craftsmen for over 30 years.

Our Services

Higginbotham makes all cabinetry to order in our workshop in Malahide Industrial Park. All furniture is hand made by our craftsmen, who are fully trained in traditional skills and use the finest materials sourced from renewable sources. We can also refurbish your favourite furniture, breathing new life in to old pieces.

Our Approach

Higginbotham of Dublin are a company with a reputation for delivering high quality bespoke furniture for over 30 years for residential and commercial use. We are passionate about creating the finest furniture to stand the test of time. Whether you have ideas of your own or need inspiration, we will work with you to create the perfect arrangement for your home or office.